What is a Zipline

Here’s a quick look at what ziplines are, ziplining tours in India, and things to remember before you embark upon your ziplining adventure.

A zipline also referred to as zip line, sypline, zip wire, aerial ropeslide, flying fox, etc. is an outdoor recreation sport/adventure sport where a freely moving pulley is used to ride from the top to the bottom of an inclined cable. Emerging as one of the most popular outdoor activities, zipline tours are here to stay! Zipline enthusiasts are spoilt for choices as the number of zip tour destinations are growing in number and new locations are being added regularly, much to the delight of zipline enthusiasts.

Things to remember before Ziplining in India

Comfortable clothing: By comfortable clothing, we don’t mean anything loose or baggy. Shorts, spandex, etc will work. You should be able to move from one corner to another without any added baggage holding you back and getting in the way of your ziplining experience.

Shoes: No slippers! For your zipline adventure, wear hiking boots. These will be right for you and will allow you to have a great zipping experience.

Safety: It’s important that you let a professional guide you and not go about trying this at home. Choosing a professional zipline tour is recommended and safety measures and precautions are in place and you don’t have to worry about landing into trouble. By booking Flying Fox’s zipline tours across India, you will be zipping through fabulous locations without once worrying about your safety. It will be thrill on your mind!

Health Limitations: All ziplining participants must be reasonably fit and healthy. There are various health factors that can get in the way of your zipline adventure. The team at Flying Fox can guide you well and let you know if you should give this a miss for health reasons.

Zip line Locations in India:

Neemrana: 122 kms away from Delhi, this popular weekend getaway for Delhi NCR folks is an ancient historical town in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The Neemrana fort palace is a popular tourist destination and zip line location. This 15th century hill-fort was occupied by the Chauhans till 1947. Neemrana zipline tours by Flying Fox are well known for its excellent views of the Aravallis. The zipline tour is perfect for friend and family as well as corporate team outings.

Kikar Lodge, Punjab: The longest zipline tour in South Asia, Kikar Lodge located in the village of Nurpur Bedi is 1 hour 50 minutes away from Chandigarh, Punjab. Forests, wildlife, short treks are added features of this zipline tour in Kikar.

Jodhpur: Due to its close proximity with Delhi, the Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort zipline tour is a popular one. The highest fort of India, it is situated at an altitude of 400 ft above the ground. Short walks, six spectacular ziplines over the battlements and lakes of Mehrangarh fort make this a highly recommended zipline adventure tour. The Jodhpur zipline tour by Flying Fox is rated as the No.1 activity in Jodhpur by Tripadvisor.

User reviews on Tripadvisor say it all.

“Me and my friend booked this online. We had to reach half an hour before our scheduled slot for preparatory training(This is for everyone). We were put into a group of 10. The Flying Fox guys were pretty cool & freindly. Our group was with two Flying Fox guys, who were our trainer cum guide. We went on to do our first zip lining at Mehrangarh. What a feeling that was. One after another, six zip lines were done by us. The view from the zip line alongside the feeling makes it memorable. What a experience it was. A must do activity for all who love adventure.” – Debashis S


“It’s a once in a lifetime experience! Dont miss it! It does seem scary initially because of the height it is done at. But once you do the practice session and the first zip,you gain confidence. Gives an adrenaline rush. Good adventure. Totally satisfying :) The staff Chanderveer was really good and helpful too” :) - MDivya


Rishikesh: Flying 200 feet above the River Ganges is possible when you are on a zipline tour in Rishikesh. Views of the Himalayan foothills and the Ganga flowing below adds serenity to your zipline adventure and brings you closer to nature. This can be clubbed with your plan to go white water rafting and trekking.


Cost of Zipline Tours

Zipline tours can vary in cost depending upon location but the cost of this thrilling zipline ride can be anywhere between INR 1300-2200.

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