Flying Fox @ The Forest: The Longest Zip Line Tour In East Africa

1hr from Nairobi, Kenya

Longest in East Africa!

6 zip tour | 1.5 - 2hr




Flying Fox at the Forest is East-Africa’s longest zip line tour, offering over 2.4km of flight across the lush Kereita forest, just 45 minutes from Nairobi city centre.

The Adventure Centre offers a plethora of exciting outdoor activities, perfect for a family or friend’s day out, corporate retreats, or the lone adventurer!

The zip tour has been built and is managed by us at Flying Fox, running successful zip tours in 4 locations across India, operating to the highest international standards. The 6 zip line tour packs in a punch of adrenaline and offers unprecedented views of Kereita forest and the Aberderes range.

The first of its kind in Kenya, the zip-line activity takes approximately 2 hours to complete, including safety brief, practice zip, and short walks in between. All safety gear is provided by us. Dress outdoorsy and get ready to fly!

the forest

‘The Forest’ collectively refers to The Adventure Centre and The Forest Lodge (coming soon) constructed in Kereita Forest, Kiambu County, just 45 minutes away from Nairobi.

It was built with the aim of curating the perfect getaway for Kenyans and tourists, within easy reach, at affordable prices, and replete with exciting adventure activities.

The fresh mountain air, crisp sunshine, and a range of adventure activities on offer make for the perfect outdoor experience.

The Adventure Centre currently offers zip lining, archery, and mountain biking, paint balling, fly fishing, and team building activities. New activities shall continue being introduced to ensure an energetic environment, always encouraging visitors to try something unique. Some of these activities include a Canopy Adventure Course, Zorbing, overnight trekking and camping, and more! Watch this space for updates!

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Zip 1: The Colobus Catapult (425m) - From amongst the trees the first zip line launches you from the Adventure Centre high across the valley, reaching speeds of up to 60kph.

Zip 2: The Flying Elephant (385m) - Keep your feet up and eyes open as you zip back across the valley, keeping low and fast with views of waterfalls along the way.

Zip 3: The Eagle's Nest (395m) - This wire is sure to take your breath away! Soar like an eagle 150ft high through the canopies of giant trees deep in the valley below.

Zip 4: The Big Sky (360m) - Feel free whilst flying over the open valley with views of Mt. Kenya directly ahead.

Zip 5: The Moo.. ving Target (325m) - Follow the contours of the ridge and remember to keep your feet up! We believe the cows prefer this valley due to the stunning views.

Zip 6: The Lumberjack (330m) - Buzz just meters underneath the canopy of a huge tree whilst zipping at top speed. This final zip line is sure to leave lasting memories.

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